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Textron Systems Canada is the Canadian division of Textron Systems. Textron Systems Canada was established in January 2011 in preparation for the Department of National Defence (DND) Canadian Forces’ Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) program. Textron Systems Canada plans to pursue opportunities beyond TAPV. Textron Systems Canada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Textron Inc.

Textron in Canada

Textron has a long-standing relationship with Canada, employing more than 1,800 people here.

Bell Helicopter, also a Textron company, was recently awarded a ten-year, $640-million contract to provide support services for the Canadian Forces CH146 Griffon fleet. In addition, over the last four years, Textron and partners; Aviation InterTec Software, Toro Steel Buildings, ADL Insulflex,  AARTech,  CompactionEquipment.ca, Field Eagle, Bell Helicopter, Cessna, Textron Defense Systems, AAI and Textron Marine & Land Systems have purchased more than $3.5 billion of supplies manufactured by Canadian companies.

One of the programs to be a focus of the Ottawa office is the Department of National Defence (DND) Canadian Forces’ Tactical Armoured Patrol Vehicle (TAPV) program for which Textron Systems is currently competing. With a successful bid Textron Systems Canada would provide the overall program management, act as the design authority, coordinate a team of Canadian companies for vehicle assembly and integration, provide direct product support, manage the 25-year In-Service Support contract, as well as execute Industrial Regional Benefits (IRB) program. Textron Systems Canada plans to support a TAPV contract award with the addition of more than 300 long-term jobs in Canada. Read more about Textron’s TAPV plans

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  • T Systems Canada

    Textron has a long-standing relationship with Canada.